Va Sokthorn: Against Boeung Ket is a six-point match

March 15, 2019 - 12:51 PM | អត្ថបទដោយ៖ ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

The first Cambodian Classic Match of the season will return to the RSN Stadium this Saturday as Phnom Penh Crown face Boeung Ket in their opening match of the Metfone Cambodian League. Phnom Penh Crown midfielder Va Sokthorn is excited to face last season’s runners-up Boeung Ket in this Saturday’s league clash that he thinks is a six-point match.

Va Sokthorn told “It will be a good and difficult game for both teams. As it is the first game of the season, everybody including the players, staff, and fans will be excited, but I think we will feel the pressure too. “Against Boeung Ket is not a simple game like other teams in the league for sure, so there should be more excitement in all. On the field is like a war, so we need to fight strong in all challenges in all ball. Game against this opponent is like you play to gain 6 points and not 3, so it can make us feel something more such as determination to play strong to win. “For us, we are ready and well-prepared these few weeks because we know each other better in the team. I cannot bet which team will win this big game.”

The French-Khmer born is aware of how tough it is to play Boeung Ket, but the 31-year-old has also highlighted the importance of the supporters who can boost the team’s motivation and confidence. “It is not easy, but we have a small advantage as we play at home,” said the midfielder. “We will play on the field that we train every day. Now I just hope that we will have one more big point to help us on Saturday as we will have many fans behind us like the 12th men. They can push us a lot, so we need them to come and support us.

“In football, supporters are very important. The Ultra fans can make power in the stadium to push the players to be more motivated, more confident, and stronger. This is a way to show that we are in our home, our stadium, and our field, so nobody can be stronger than our team. “We Are One! This can happen at RSN Stadium, and it starts this Saturday. So we hope to see all fan there to support our team, our club.”

Prepared: Sophak