Phnom Penh Crown beaten 3-0 by Nagaworld

May 5, 2019 - 10:53 PM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

Phnom Penh Crown showed their fighting spirit in an away match at the Army Stadium tonight, but that’s not enough to break Nagaworld’s defense as Amir Gurbani’s brace and Esho Omogba’s further goal helped Nagaworld grab a 3-0 win.

The Red Singha struggled to move forward as Nagaworld tried to press hard before Shuhei Mitsuhashi fired a low shot from distance, but Nagaworld goalkeeper Sou Yaty made a good save from the Japanese midfielder’s effort.

Svang Samnang made double saves from Nagaworld’s corner kicks within one minute. Amir Gurbani delivered a great corner kick that required Svang Samnang to tip the ball over the bar before the 18-year-old goalkeeper punched the ball away from Kouch Dani’s corner kick.

Nagaworld continued to attack as Atuheire Kipson headed wide over the cross bar from Khim Borey’s cross before Sos Suhana sent his effort wide from the far post inside Phnom Penh Crown’s penalty area.

Nagaworld bagged two quick goals within two minutes as Amir Gurbani opened the scoring with a fabulous free kick that went over Svang Samnang into the top left corner to give Nagaworld the lead in the thirty-fifth minute, and just a minute later Esho Omogba fired a low shot to double Nagaworld’s advantage.

After going two goals down, Phnom Penh Crown tried to get the goals back, with Yeu Muslim’s effort from the distance denied by Sou Yaty, who was then forced to punch the ball away from Va Sokthorn’s free kick before Mao Piseth’s long-range free kick went wide over the bar.

After seven minutes into the second half, the match was delayed by thirty minutes due to the floodlight issue.

Phnom Penh Crown improved their ball possession, but it’s Nagaworld who found their third goal of the match as Amir Gurbani got his second goal from a direct corner kick that handed Nagaworld a 3-0 lead.

Ream Serng headed wide from Mao Piseth’s corner kick before Yeu Muslim stole the ball from Anderson Zogbe inside Nagaworld’s penalty box, but his low effort from the tie angle was off target.

Despite their hard fight for goals, Phnom Penh Crown couldn’t find the target as Nagaworld ran out 3-0 winners to secure all three points.