Ly Saroth’s early strike hands Phnom Penh Crown a bitter 1-0 defeat in Siem Reap

May 18, 2019 - 9:21 PM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

A great dominance of the match was not enough for Phnom Penh Crown to secure points at the Siem Reap Stadium as Ly Saroth’s early strike saw Soltilo Angkor run out 1-0 winner at their home soil.

Phnom Penh Crown tried to throw everything at Soltilo Angkor in both halves, but Soltilo Angkor must have their goalkeeper Yok Ary to thank for his brilliant performance that secured them a huge three points.

Yeu Muslim fired a powerful strike that required Yok Ary to tip the ball over the bar before Shuhei Mitsuhashi’s effort was timely blocked by Soltilo Angkor’s defender just inside ten minutes of the play.

Soltilo Angkor came close to open the scoring after Fumiya delivered a brilliant free-kick that met Yuta Kikuchi, whose powerful header beat Phnom Penh Crown goalkeeper Svang Samnang but was denied by the cross bar.

Two minutes later, Soltilo Angkor were in front through Fumiya’s brilliant run from the counter attack before sending a perfect ball to Ly Saroth, who slotted home with a low shot that gave Svang Samnang no chance to save.

After going one goal behind in the early minutes of the play, Phnom Penh Crown pushed hard in search for an equalizer, but Soltilo Angkor goalkeeper Yok Ary produced several great saves to defend his net.

Yok Ary made a top class save from Paulo Victor’s header from the far post after Orn Chanpolin delivered a sublime cross from the right flank. The Brazilian forward then tried another header, but it was wide.

Phnom Penh Crown hit the post twice within two minutes. Seut Baraing was so close to bag his first league goal of the season, but his free-kick was denied by the post before hitting the back of Ream Serng.

Paulo Victor’s header hit the post for the second time, and Brak Thiva then picked up the ball inside Soltilo Angkor’s dangerous area before he sent out an effort that went wide over the cross bar.

Phnom Penh Crown continued to press hard as they created two good opportunities early into the second half. Seut Baraing’s free-kick was awkwardly cleared by the opponents’ defender before the ball met Ream Serng, who headed wide from the near post.

Paulo Victor received a long ball and made a nice turn inside Soltilo Angkor’s penalty area, but Kento was quick to clear the ball before Shuhei Mitsuhashi’s effort was pulled away by Yok Ary.

Phnom Penh Crown made treble strikes, with Yue Safy and Orn Chanpolin’s efforts blocked before Seut Baraing’s shot went wide over the cross bar. Yeu Muslim picked up a long ball from Yue Safy, but his effort was wide over the bar.

With thirteen minutes remaining, Soltilo Angkor were reduced to ten men after Ly Arifin received his second yellow card. However, Phnom Penh Crown couldn’t break Soltilo Angkor’s defense as they missed other two great opportunities in the final minutes, allowing Soltilo Angkor to snatch all three points with a tough 1-0 victory.