Chhin Chhainuth: It’s my dream to be number 1 goalkeeper at Phnom Penh Crown

June 9, 2020 - 2:22 PM | អត្ថបទដោយ៖ ពិដោរ កុរច័ន្ទរតនា

Chhin Chhainuth reveals his dream of becoming the first-option goalkeeper at Phnom Penh Crown after joining the club from Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng and was then loaned to Tiffy Army.

The young goalkeeper, who has yet to feature for Tiffy Army this season, is hopeful to get playing time, but admitted that it’s hard for him to compete with Cambodia international goalkeeper Um Sereyroth for a place at Tiffy Army.

Chhin Chhainuth told “It is a bit tough because I’ve got to face a top goalkeeper like Um Sereyroth. It’s a big challenge for me, but there are a lot of great things to learn from him and good moments with him as well.

“I decided to go on loan because I need to feel another atmosphere and need game time to get more experience and get ready to be the number 1 goalkeeper at Phnom Penh Crown in the future as that is my dream.

“Since joining Tiffy Army, I haven’t got any official appearances yet. Personally, I think it’s a tough situation and the hardest feeling for myself, but I can learn from this situation a lot. I will keep working hard on it because it is a job, and it doesn’t mean that every loan move is always a successful one.

“As I joined them before the season started, it’s impressed me a lot to see the differences from something that I’d been with before. The quality of the players and also the quality of the team is all good, so I think it’s also good for me to keep learning after seeing the different things from my former club.

“I had played for many big teams and faced a lot of quality players as well. The hardest thing that I’ve faced is challenging with the big, big players at the national team level, so it’s really hard for me to deal with it.

“I can see so many different things between me and others, but at least I’ve been delightful to be working with them and grab all the advice from them as they always give me a good learn as well.”