Yue Safy: I’m very ready to face Electricite Du Cambodge

June 15, 2019 - 9:08 AM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

Phnom Penh Crown take on Electricite Du Cambodge in an away match at the EDC Stadium, and center-back Yue Safy is ready to help the team if he is selected to play this afternoon.

Yue Safy is one of four Phnom Penh Crown players who were with the Cambodia National Team that defeated Pakistan 4-1 on aggregate to reach the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The 18-year-old, as well as Saveng Samnang, Seut Baraing, and Orn Chanpolin, arrived Phnom Penh on Wednesday this week after a long travel from Qatar, where Cambodia defeated Pakistan 2-1 in the second leg.

Since his arrival from the international duty with Cambodia, the center-back has joined two training sessions with his Phnom Penh Crown teammates, but insists that he is desperate to provide his service in this afternoon’s clash with Electricite Du Cambodge.

Electricite Du Cambodge have employed only Cambodia’s local players, but Yue Safy urges his side not to underestimate the home side for their strong team spirit that he believes can hand Phnom Penh Crown a hard time at the EDC stadium.

Yue Safy told ppcfc.com: “I’m ready, very ready to play if I am selected to play this afternoon. It’s true that I didn’t play much during my international duty with Cambodia, but I always trained hard to keep my fitness and to get ready for the league game.

“We need to work hard as a team, so we must continue our great teamwork on and off the pitch to bring in positive results. Only teamwork can make us stronger.

“We need to have respect for our opponents, all of our opponents as I believe it will make a positive impact for us. It’s important that we have our respect for the opponents.

“Of course, they have only Cambodia’s local players, but they show high commitment and determination in their games. They also have quality that we should be aware of as they are not an easy team to beat.

“Electricite Du Cambodge always give their opponents a hard time, so it won’t be an easy game for us. But I still believe in our team as I have so much faith in my teammates. We will do our best to win this afternoon’s game against Electricite Du Cambodge.”