Va Sokthorn on a massive victory over Ministry of National Defense and his stoppage time goal

June 3, 2019 - 4:01 PM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

Phnom Penh Crown secured their fourth successive league victory at home in a row after they defeated Ministry of National Defense 3-1 last week, with Va Sokthorn bagging his first league goal of the season with a crucial stoppage time strike.

Mao Piseth headed home to put Phnom Penh Crown in front before Dzarma Bata scored a late equalizer for Ministry of National Defense just minutes before the half-time break. Then Paulo Victor retook Sum Vanna’s side the lead from the penalty spot in the second half.

After going 2-1 down, Ministry of National Defense tried to push hard in search for their second equalizer, which made the match more intense before Va Sokthorn, who came on to replace Chuon Chanchav, netted his first league goal of the season in the injury time to ensure three points for Phnom Penh Crown.

The midfielder admitted that he had no intention to go for the goal himself, but after realizing that his teammates were well marked inside the Ministry of National Defense penalty area, he slid the ball through Um Vichet’s legs nicely from the close range to seal a huge 3-1 win for Phnom Penh Crown.

Va Sokthorn told “This victory gives us more confidence for our next games. We deserved this victory even if we were scared when leading 2-1. These 3 points against a big team in our league is good for the club and all supporters because that’s what we expected from ourselves.

“Yes, it was an intense match. In the first half, we performed pretty well with levelled ball possession and duel. The second half was crazier, and it went from one camp to another. Without the penalty, the match would surely not have had the same turn. Saturday, it turned in our favour, and I think it made the game even harder and crazier.

“I do not think my goal was so important at that time [injury time], but I think that has shown our merit more clearly. We knew how to be concentrated defensively and more compact, and our goalkeeper also made several saves.

“I came back in the game, so I had more energy and with the intensity of the match. It was clear that the opponent defenders were exhausted. I saw the free space to make the run, and then with the ball I took advantage of getting as close to the goal as possible.

“My first intention was to make a pass to a teammate in a better position to score. But their defenders had covered it well, so even in a closed position I decided to fix the goalkeeper. After a little feint, I saw the goalkeeper keep his legs still open, so in a close corner it was easier for me to slide the ball between the legs.

“We all want to defend our territory, our home and Smart RSN Stadium as it’s the home of Phnom Penh Crown, so it’s natural for us to be at 10000% to win every game on our pitch against every team and that’s all about it.”