Sum Vanna’s assessment on a disappointing 4-3 defeat to Visakha

July 22, 2019 - 12:16 PM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

Phnom Penh Crown were beaten 4-3 by Visakha in the Cambodian League despite a great team effort, but Sum Vanna pointed out that his players had some issues with emotion and concentration during last night’s defeat in an away match.

Visakha took two goal lead at the break, with the goals coming through Da Cruz and Ajayi before Phnom Penh Crown drew level thanks to second half goals from Mustafa Zazai and Paulo Victor.

Ajayi and Sin Kakada scored one goal each within a space of five minutes to help the home side re-take their lead to 4-2. Dzarma Bata scored in the injury time, but that’s not enough as Visakha ran out 4-3 winners.

Sum Vanna told “We were aware of how tough it would be to face big team the like of Visakha. We had prepared well related to the players’ spirit, tactic, and recovery. We worked really hard during the whole week.

“We played an away game, so our players still had some issues with their spirit and emotion. I didn’t put the blame or pressure on our players, but I asked them to play based on what we had planned.

“We have a lot of young players, so they couldn’t deal well with the atmosphere as they don’t have much experience with that. They were sometimes lack of concentration.

“Of course, it was a big game last night, and we tried to play a very interesting and exciting game to attract the fans. We, actually, targeted three points, but unfortunately we had some issues related to concentration.

“From the game, I have learned which players did well, and who should make more improvement. This is a good lesson for me to assess my players’ performance and find out which players can play in big games.

“Thanks for the support from our amazing fans. Since my first day at Phnom Penh Crown, we have received more and more support and have more and more fans.”