Sum Vanna on a massive win over Kampong Cham

June 28, 2019 - 1:34 PM | Post by ណាវឌ្ឍន៍

Sum Vanna praised his players for their impressive performance after Phnom Penh Crown thrashed Kampong Cham 10-0 at the Smart RSN Stadium last night in the first leg of the Hun Sen Cup round of last 16 as they also have high hope to reach the quarter final.

Phnom Penh Crown took control in both halves of the tie, giving Kampong Cham no chance to shine, with Va Sokthorn scoring five goals as Brak Thiva, Mao Piseth, Yue Safy, Sath Rozak, and Lim Pisoth also registered their name on the score sheet.

Sum Vanna told “We had a very good preparation prior to the tie with Kampong Cham, and we didn’t underestimate them. We planned to have different stages during the game.

“We were a bit defensive during the first half until we scored our first goal, and then into the second half we changed our tactic. The boys understood our instruction well, so we could score many more goals.

“We needed to keep our calmness and be flexible during the actual game. I think they conceded 10 goals as they didn’t prepare well before the game. Our boys did really well as they applied what we wanted them to do.

“The boys did well as a team. During our training, we grouped them together during three or four 30-minute sessions, so they could understand each other well.

“We tried to keep possession a lot in the first half, and they put more men in their central midfield. In the second half, we made some changes in our attacking plan, so we put four strikers up front and three in the midfield as we used only three defenders.

“We also tried to make quick passes as the opponents looked very tired in the second half.

“We may have some issues with our players’ fitness. We will have some recovery sessions for the players ahead of the league clash this Sunday, so hopefully we can get enough rest.”

Phnom Penh Crown will face Kampong Cham for the second time this Sunday when they travel to the Army Stadium for their last Metfone Cambodian League clash in the first round of the season.