Sum Vanna on a draw with Boeung Ket and why Sleh Sen’s second yellow card is correct

July 8, 2019 - 3:44 PM | Article by Sophak

Phnom Penh Crown played out a thrilling 4-4 draw with Boeung Ket in their second Cambodian Classic Match that Sum Vanna regarded as the greatest match in the Metfone Cambodian League 2019.

Booysen Shane bagged two goals on his return, and Debiro Bata and Mao Piseth scored for the Red Singha, while braces from Chan Vathanaka and Oiboh Julius mean points were shared at the Smart RSN Stadium last night.

Sleh Sen was sent off after the Boeung Ket right-back received his second yellow card for pulling Brak Thiva during the counter play, and Sum Vanna believed it was a great and fair decision by the referee.

The Phnom Penh Crown caretaker manager told “I think it is the greatest match in the Metfone Cambodian League 2019. Two teams were fighting to win in the positive ways. Famous players also played and scored for their teams.

“We applied the build-up play and were a bit aggressive, but we were lack of concentration on defending Boeung Ket’s third goal that was scored by Oiboh Julius and another goal from the set play.

“Sleh Sen’s second yellow card is not an incident, and we should understand this. It’s all about game plan. I know him quite well, so I know how he plays. I asked Brak Thiva, Paulo Victor, and Mustafa Zazai to put pressure on him.

“Brak Thiva is a great player in term of tactic, and the aggressiveness of the game sees Sleh Sen receive the first yellow card. His second yellow card is a deserved one as he tried to stop Thiva’s counter attack.

“The referee did a good job as he tried his best to be fair for both sides, and he is 100 per cent correct to send Sleh Sen off. It’s a fair decision.

“It’s still tough for us even though one of their players was sent off, and mostly it happens in football that 10 men can beat 11.”