Ly Heang and Sorn Seyha of SCG on common goals in Kick & Share

March 2, 2020 - 10:39 AM | អត្ថបទដោយ៖ ពិដោរ កុរច័ន្ទរតនា

Phnom Penh Crown cooperated with SCG to launch the 2020 Kick & Share in Kampot on Sunday last week as it’s an opportunity for the children in the community to meet the Red Singha stars.

Both Phnom Penh Crown General Secretary Ly Heang and SCG Mining Department Manager Sorn Seyha have shared their thoughts on the common goals of Kick & Share.

Phnom Penh Crown General Secretary Ly Heang’s thoughts…

We are happy that the players from Phnom Penh Crown joined Kick & Share. It’s an important program held by SCG and Phnom Penh Crown, who share the same commitment to help the children in Cambodia.

We aim to encourage Cambodian children to play sports especially football as we want to promote football and other sports in Cambodia, which goes in the same direction for both SCG and Phnom Penh Crown.

SCG always take part in sport actions as a part of the sport development in Cambodia. Sports make you healthy, and smart kids usually do sports. We share our common goals, and it is to use football through the participation of Phnom Penh Crown players to give the kids a chance to meet professional footballers, who are their idols.

We hope the kids can be motivated to be footballers who will represent Cambodia on international stages. Sports make them happy and relieve stress and improve them mentally and physically. We want to see everyone do sports, of course for whatever sport as it can keep them away from drugs.

SCG Mining Department Manager Sorn Seyha’s thoughts…

SCG aim to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility, and we try to promote sports in Cambodia. We have cooperated with Phnom Penh Crown to share football experience and tactic with our children. They can also meet their idols, who can encourage them to take part in football.

We focus a lot on sports, and the idea is not only for staff to play sports, but also people in the community as you can see, we have more standard fields. The message is to show people in the community that our company won’t focus only on benefits, and we are trying to promote sports.

Here, we have quality fields for the kids to play sports, so we are open to any request to use our fields for sport purposes. We want to make connection between our company and the community.

For Kick and Share, we want to educate them, motivate them to love sports, and do their bit for our society to get rid of drugs. Phnom Penh Crown is a professional football club, and they have a lot of quality local and foreign players and a lot of foreign coaches, and we have the same common goals to share what we believe is good to our society.